Sarti Beach


Sarti beach has the Blue Flag for several years that means clean and sandy beach everywhere, families, youngsters and elders can enjoy the beauty of it during the beach activities.

The coast of Sarti Beach is becoming deeper more gradually, this is the best place for children, but all along you will find a chance for swimming and watersports. Sarti has one of the largest beaches in Sithonia. It is about 3 km long.  Some parts have beach chairs and umbrellas, but since the beach is vast you can go out and find a quiet spot for yourself. The view to Mount Athos across the water is a nice feature as it dominates the horizon. The easy access to this beach makes it good for families. Sarti also gets a nice breeze, which is appreciated especially during the very hot July and August months.  Just driving into Sarti you have to be impressed as the only thing you seem to notice is the massive white sandy beach lining the turquoise bay against a back drop of pine covered mountains. As a bonus Sarti is blessed with the best view of Mt. Athos. If you have seen any pictures of a white sandy beach with Mt. Athos dominating the foreground, it was probably taken from this spot.

The beaches in Sarti are really incomparable. Here you can find some of the best beaches in Greece, which are some of the top beaches in the world. Characterized by fine white sand, and crystal clear turquoise waters, any beach on the Sarti will be a magical experience. 

There is something here for everybody. If you want seclusion, the months of June and September bring few tourists, so most beaches are empty. Even in the busier months you can still find an isolated cove. To enter campsites beaches, they will ask you to leave your passport or I.D.