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Sarti offers you a variety of activities and things to do.

You can enjoy the crystal Aquamarine waters and the golden-sandy beaches and do plenty of water sports, such as windsurfing, Marine ski, Banana and more.

In the area you will find both beach bars, full of life and music, but also lonely, deserted creeks with turquoise waters and pines that offer shade, creating an idyllic scenery for you to relax.

For those who want to explore the mountain, there are several hiking trails where you can walk through pine trees and, simultaneously, enjoy the view of the colorful Mediterranean Sea.

In additionhorse and mule riding can be a great experience for the whole family to enjoy!

Sightseeing is another option, where you can choose among many places to visit, not only inSarti, but also around Halkidiki.


Why Visit Sarti

Sarti is a place of incomparable beauty.

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Sarti is a destination, ideal for all expectations.

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Greece is famous for the numerous of celebrations and traditions.

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Greek cuisine is one of the most popular in the world.

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