Mount Athos Cruise

 A beautiful day tour along the shore of the monk republic of Mount Athos.  The Republic of Athos lies on the third and most eastern peninsula of Chalkidiki, being a autonomous self-administering part of the Greek-orthodox church and its monuments from the Byzantine time. Since its foundation (between 7. and 9. century) admission to women is strictly forbidden. Men can visit the monasteries after obtaining a special visa from the authorities. Twenty monasteries exist today guarding precious objects of incalculable historical and religious value, which are infallible witnesses of the Byzantine Empire. Our cruise starts from the picturesque port of Sarti, with a boat of Katerina and Anestis offering all the standard comforts to its passengers. Sailing directly to the southern point of the peninsula also called Erimos (Desert), visitors can admire numerous hermitages built on this part. Then, the boat turns and goes closer to the shores offering breathtaking views of the monasteries. Our multilingual guides bring you closer to the history of orthodoxy, the monastic life and the monasteries. After, the boat takes its passengers to the island called Amouliani. A few hours break on Amouliani allows you to discover the authentic Greek cuisine and the wonderful landscape. Arriving back in Sarti around 17.00 with unforgettable memories.

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Blue Lagoon Cruise

 Enjoy one funny full day swimming cruise and sunset tour. Come on and follow us to our captain waiting for you at the harbor of Sarti. We start in the morning by boat with destination the northern part of Sithonia where you have the opportunity to jump into the open sea and admire the marvelous beaches of Vourvourou and Kavourotripes. In the evening at our last stop you can prepare together with our captain the grill and the salads and we promise you an unforgettable cruise with unlimited wine and lot of fun. 

Robinson Cruise

Adventure at open Sea. Enjoy one funny and adventurous trip by boat. We start at noon to the northern coast of Sithonia. By our first stop you have the chance to swim and snorkel around. Dive into the deep blue and collect sea urchins and oysters and whatever else you think can be eaten for the dinner.


Amouliani Island Cruise 

Caribbean Odyssey. Depart into the northern island world of the Chalkidiki, which we will explore like the resourceful Ulysses once did. In the morning we start with our boat from Sarti. Whomever desires, already jumps on open sea into the crystal-clear water. With our first stop in the picturesque Portokali bay the opportunity comes up to a sun bathe or to swim. Another bath stop on the enchanting donkey islands before Amouliani for whose harbor we head after, where we drop anchor for one and a half hour and you can undertake either a restful walk through the village or strengthen yourselves in one of the traditional taverns. On the return journey then you discover one of the most impressive bays of Amouliani, the wonderful Karagatsi bay where we will have a refreshing bath break again.