Enjoy your staying in Sarti !

The beach of Sarti is very well-known, as it is rewarded with the light blue flag for many years and is distinguished as one of the 10 best beaches of Greece, in international on-line voting. The electronic poll placed the beach of Sarti Chalkidiki in the sixth place and it’s granted with the sixth “light blue medal” for the best Greek beaches.

You can enjoy its crystal aquamarine waters and its golden- sand beach, also aquatic sport, as windsurfing, marine ski, banana etc. In   the area you will also find beach-bars full of life but also lonely           deserted creeks with turquoise waters and pines that offer their           shade, creating an idyllic picture (Kavourotripes, Orange, Platanitsi,   Achlada, Armenistis etc.)                                                                       

The exquisite beach of Kavourotripes is a must see, often described   as Heaven on earth. There are pine trees almost reaching down to     the water, and on the grey rock formations of this cove you will           admire the lying mermaid carved onto by the artist is Karypidis           Dionisios.





 If you are looking for something a bit more low key, you can head off to a quieter spot on the beach. There’s something for everyone! You can hire a car or motorcycle at reasonable rates in the village to see local sights and visit some of the best beaches in the whole Greece.




In the village there are tour organizers offering sightseeing and swimming trips. Daily tours are organized with boats which sail round Mount Athos. A boat trip around the peninsula of Athos provides an insight into the mystical, magical life that goes on in this part of the world. The combination of the wildlife of the peninsula with the great number of monasteries which have stood there for centuries is a particularly interesting sight.

Relax enjoying your coffee or ice-cream in one of the quiet cafes. You can shop for souvenirs, pottery, jewelry, and other crafts in the many shops in the village.
You can take a short afternoon walk to the Metochi, which is located 500 m from the village.

As the sun sets and night falls Sarti takes on a new air. In the main square cafés come to life and there’s a general hustle and bustle as the street sellers come out to sell their wares. If you move down to the sea-front the candles are out on the table, music takes on its evening mood and you can sip tsipouro or retsina with freshly cooked fish, meat or traditional Greek cuisine before moving on for late night entertainment.

 Nightlife in Sarti is well developed. In the village there are enough clubs and bars. Close to the village you will find the most famous   beach bars of Sithonia which give you a magnificent view on the Holy Mountain at sunrise.

It’s up to you! You could literally play all day and party all night if that’s what you want to do. Or, you could kick back and do very little. It’s there, if and when you want it.



Feast your senses on crystal clear waters, clean sandy beaches, and wild rocky formations, under clear blue skies and the bright Greek sunlight… at Sarti.



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